December 3, 2015

Cheryl Broetje to Keynote Friday Plenary

The 2016 Global Agriculture Summit is happy to welcome Cheryl Broetje to our stage as a keynote speaker. Broetje, founder of Broetje Orchards and The Center for Sharing, is from Prescott, Washington.

Broetje will share her story of how her family built a flourishing orchard and immigrant community in Washington that now touches lives around the globe. She will also share her passion for the power of servant leadership to lift and empower even the most vulnerable, as a servant leader and advocate on immigration. Cheryl and her husband Ralph founded, own and operate Broetje Orchards. Their label states: “First Fruits of Washington…a quality fruit company bearing fruit, fruit that will last.”

In 1986, Cheryl founded The Center for Sharing, a faith-based, non-profit organization. This organization focuses on personal and corporate leadership development in order to assist both individuals and organizations in pursuing greater meaning and purpose by serving the common good.

Ralph and Cheryl believe that their apple farm is a calling, a business/ministry that God has raised up and wants to work through in order to serve the common good, providing jobs at home while generating profits to invest in place-based, community development both locally and internationally.